What's in the bag?

We provide all the equipment you need to start brewing immediately, including ingredients and a detailed recipe for one of 6 Northern Monk beers and

exclusive access to our informative method instructions and online help pages.

The Equipment

- Handmade luxury Kitbag/ brew insulator
- Luxury 19L stainless steel induction pan and lid (worth over £65).

- 2 x 16L fermentation vessels, one with tap

- Spin vinator rapid bottle cleaner & steriliser

- Automatic bottling Wand

- Brewing thermometer

- Brewing hydrometer

- Large colander, bespoke to fit brewing pan

- 500ml Neale's yard no-rinse sanitiser

- Sturdy crown capper

- 50 bottle caps

- 50g Irish moss

- Stick-on thermometer (on fermentation vessel without tap)

- Large cotton mesh bag with drawstring

- Hop bag (not shown in image, right)

- Northern monk beer ingredients, recipe and instructions

- Paper bottle labels - 8 on A4 sheet with crop marks (not shown, right)

- 1m syphon tubing (not shown)

The kitbag

Handmade made from heavyweight natural cotton, the Kitbag has been designed to keep all the brewing equipment neatly stored away between brew and is lined with insulating material so it can be used to keep your beer at a steady temperature during the fermenting stage

Induction pan

Each kit comes with a high-quality, luxury stainless steel 19 Litre induction pan and lid, suitable for all types of hobs.



2 x16 litre fermentation vessels & 1 x tap

High quality food grade vessels, one with a fitted tap for simple and rapid bottling.  

Spin vinator bottle cleaner 

For rapid sterilising using the no-rinse sanitiser provided.

Bottling wand, thermometer and hydrometer
High quality hydrometer and thermometer specifically designed for brewing. 
The bottling wand attaches to the tap on the fermentation vessel for rapid, spill-free bottling. 


Large colander 

Fits perfectly on the brew pan for simple grain removal and sparging.


500ml Neale's no-rinse Sanitiser

A foaming no-rinse sanitiser designed specifically for brewing. 

Crown capper & bottle caps 

A high quality twin-lever bottle capper for the quick and easy fitting of metal crown caps to bottles. Comes with 50 crown caps.

50g Irish moss

Atlantic red seaweed, used as a fining agent

for crystal-clear beer.  

Stick-on thermometer 
Fixes on outside of the Fermentation Vessel for easy monitoring of temperature.

Large cotton mesh brew bag with drawstring​ 

Custom made in Lancashire for the kit from 100% sustainable cotton.


Hop bag 

Heavy duty bag for the clean addition of hops to your brew. 


Northern Monk Recipe & Ingredients

Each kit comes with a choice of 6 Northern Monk beer recipes adapted for ​us by their head brewer, Brian Dickson.
See the recipes here.

Bottle Labels
Paper labels for each brew - 8 on A4 sheet with crop marks.
Fix with light adhesive such as a Pritt stick.


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